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Innovative Products for Elderly –

Innovative Products for Elderly and Disabled Persons - Our Top 7 Picks

Finding innovative products for elderly and disabled persons can sometimes be challenging. Yes, there are new products coming out all the time, but do they actually solve a problem you are experiencing? 

That little robot is cute, but is it really going to help you accomplish something you’re currently unable to do?

We’ve researched some cutting edge products that help seniors and people with disabilities. 

Here are our top 7 innovative products:

Qardio Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

The Qardio wireless blood pressure monitor is a sleek looking, wireless, portable, and accurate blood pressure monitor that integrates with your iPhone, Apple Health, Apple Watch, Samsung Health and Android Wear. 

It sends your accurate blood pressure information, including irregular heartbeats, wirelessly to your device, and will even send your doctor or family an email with the information, if you’d like.

The Qardio BP monitor comes in 4 colors and can be carried discreetly in your purse, backpack, or pocket. 

The same company also has a smart scale available in two colors that measures body weight and BMI so you have the information you need to adjust your diet and exercise programs accordingly.

innovative products for elderly

Gyenno Spoon and Fork for Tremors

The Gyenno spoon and fork attachment help people with tremors actually get more food into their mouths, increasing their nutritional intake.

This tool lessens the frustrations of eating and increases the independence of a person who has Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, had had a stroke, or someone whose hands are just shaky. By about 85%! 

This product was a big success at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

Find out more about the Gyenno Spoon.

Doty Belt - Save Your Back!

Invented by a California fire captain, the Doty Belt is a safe way to support someone while walking or transferring, or lifting someone off the floor after a fall. 

If you’ve ever used a gait belt, you know they are difficult to hold onto and often don’t stay on the waist, instead sliding up or down the person’s body, which may cause further pain or injury. 

The Doty Belt not only stays in place, there are straps that wrap around the person’s legs which secure the belt, and it has comfortable, wide handles to hold onto as you lift. 

The Doty Belt requires two people to lift someone from the floor, but it’s a much safer alternative to the standard gait belt and can save the stress and embarrassment of a call to the paramedics. 

Always be sure to check that there is no serious injury prior to lifting. If you suspect an injury, call 911 and let the professionals help.

Because of our preferred relationship with the vendor, we are able to offer you the absolute lowest price on the internet for all Doty Belt products

If the paramedics use this, you know you can trust it to work.

Livi Automatic Medication Dispenser

If you or someone you know has trouble remembering when to take medication, the Livi automatic medication dispenser will definitely help. 

While it’s on the pricey side, this dispenser holds up to 90 days of medication – most others only hold a week or  month’s supply – and the device will notify a family member or caregiver with a text message when the medication is dispensed or when your loved one misses a dose. 

It dispenses up to 15 pills at a time, and is locked which significantly lessens the chance of an accidental overdose. 

If a dosage changes, you can program the device from any computer, tablet, or smart phone. 

It’s also the only device on the market that dispenses “as needed” or “prn” pills

When a medication is ready to be dispensed, a green light appears around the button and an alarm sounds, letting you know it’s time. 

Learn more about Livi.

EZ-Up Pillow

If you need to elevate a part of your body due to pain or inflammation, the EZ-Up Pillow is a good way to do it. 

Designed by a physical therapist, this inflatable pillow can help relieve the pressure, pain and swelling of feet, ankles, legs, and back due to injury, surgery or any condition in which the body needs to be elevated. 

It’s portable for travel and comes with it’s own air pump for easy inflation. 

In order for elevation to be the most effective, the body part you’re elevating should be high enough so that it’s above your heart. The EZ-Up Pillow is one of the few supportive pillows out there that meet this guideline.

ez up inflatable pillow

Obi Robotic Dining Companion

This robot is cute AND useful, although expensive. Obi is a robotic dining assistant that gives you back your independence while dining. 

If you are living with ALS, amputation, arthritis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, neuromuscular conditions, Parkinson’s, spinal injury, stroke, or other diseases or conditions that make feeding yourself difficult or impossible, consider Obi. 

With simple guidance from a caregiver or dining companion, Obi will deliver food from four different bowls to the same physical location for easy access and digestion. 

Not having to worry about how to eat allows you to focus on other things, like the normal enjoyable social interactions during a meal. 

Watch this man’s touching testimonial on how Obi helps him. Learn more about Obi.

Amazon Alexa Devices

Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay. Amazon Alexa devices have been around for a couple years, but there are more and more new devices out every day that interact with Alexa and can make your life easier. 

Imagine you’re recuperating from a knee or hip surgery, hear the doorbell, but don’t want to get up to see who’s at the door. By using an Echo device, which communicates with Alexa (the brain and voice behind the devices) along with the Ring visual doorbell system, you can see who is there and even speak with them without leaving the couch. 

The amount of options are endless. Alexa devices enable you to play your favorite song, artist or playlist, get reminders, control your smart home (appliances, lighting, alarms), change your thermostat with Nest, get information, stay in touch, order takeout or an Uber, learn the latest news, weather reports, and more just by using your voice. 

With the Echo Show, you can call someone – video calls or hands-free audio, see security cameras, watch videos, view your shopping list, and monitor the baby or your favorite fur-baby. 

You can have Alexa in every room with an Echo Dot or Echo Spot which has a small screen. 

These 7 innovative products for elderly and disabled persons can be life-changing. We hope you’ve found them useful. If you know someone who could benefit from one or more of these products, please feel free to pass the information on to them. We’ll be on the lookout for more cutting-edge ways to help.

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