Gyenno Spoon



If you have hand tremors due to Parkinson’s, ALS, stroke, or just shaky hands, the GYENNO spoon can help you. GYENNO steady spoon electronically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes 85% less than your hand. Worry less about spilling and focus on enjoying your meal. 

  • With easy-to-hold and non-slip ergonomic design, the GYENNO Spoon weighs just 130g making it perfectly convenient for every meal. The lightweight design improves efficiency when eating. Say goodbye to cold dinners from now on
  • Minimalist but not simplistic. It integrates intelligent control modules, high-performance motor components, precise transmission structure, and high-accuracy sensors in a limited space
  • Modern and sleek appearance in portable design, especially contribute to people with Parkinson hand tremors who have difficulties eating by themselves, whether at home or in public
  • Made of Tritan covering, giving it tough chemical and physical resistance The medical and anti-bacterial grade silicone top ensures a safe eating experience and is designed to last a long time. USAGE RANGE: If your hand vibration amplitude is within 7cm/2.8inch, GYENNO SPOON can help you. 

GYENNO Fork attachment (not included) sold separately as part of the GYENNO Steady Spoon. 

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