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Home Modifications & Assistive Technology Devices to Make Life Easier

Does your home fit you? With assistive technology devices and other simple home modifications, you can live in your home easier and for a longer period of time as you age in place or deal with a short-term or long-term disability. Learn how to make your environment fit you so you’re comfortable, safe, and have the peace of mind knowing you can stay in your home as long as you wish.

Your home can feel like it doesn’t fit when it doesn’t match your needs or abilities. Just like a shoe that doesn’t fit, it’s painful and can give you big problems later on.

But you’re in luck – there are simple ways to make your home fit you perfectly! You have many options for improving your home environment.

Home modifications, assistive technology devices, and aging-in-place designs can make your home fit you better and make life a whole lot easier. 

How We Can Help You

Hammer and Heart is your expert online resource for learning how to adapt or modify your home environment to improve accessibility, make things easier, reduce accidents, improve comfort, and support your independence. 

Whether you are a baby boomer looking for information to help you stay in your current home forever, are interested in downsizing, or are someone who is dealing with a short-term injury or long term disability, you’ll find tools, tips, and information here that will help make life easier for you.

Throughout this website, we provide simple home modification tips and helpful products and tools, like assistive technology devices, for every room in your home, as well as your outdoor living spaces and garden.

If you live in Grants Pass, Oregon, and are looking for an in-home assessment and recommendations, please contact us for more information and pricing.

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"I just finished helping mom take a shower and what a difference it made to have those two grab bars installed! Everything went so much smoother and I could definitely tell she felt safer."
Family Caregiver
"After a couple of serious falls, my husband and I realized that we needed to carefully assess our home environment and make it safer. I contacted Hammer and Heart and Cindy came and did a safety assessment of our house. She recommended ramps, grab bars, a toilet riser, and other assistive devices that have been extremely helpful. I am especially grateful for having all these items in place before my recent hip replacement. It is making my recovery process so much easier and safer.”
Happy Senior
"Hammer and Heart has provided critical support to our clients at Neighbor Impact. Cindy has a unique understanding of their needs and helps them manage projects ranging from complex to rather basic. Most important, she helps people maintain an independent, dignified life."
Michael Hinton
Neighbor Impact, Bend, OR
"When my Mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, she wanted to stay in her own home and Hammer and Heart helped make that possible. They came out to the house, and they knew exactly what my Mom needed to increase her mobility and help keep her safe. They put grab bars in the bathroom, and handrails outside both the front and back doors, which has helped her get around safely."
Family Member
"Working with Hammer and Heart to serve older adults in the area has been amazing. Cindy is always able to help[...] as well as help to access equipment that our clientele need through the website. It has been a wonderful experience."
Cassie McGuire
Central OR Council on Aging, Bend, OR
"My life has changed in so many ways and you helped me to accept all the new changes."
Happy Senior
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